Friday, December 7, 2012

Harry Potter Card

This is a just for fun card. My daughter is a BIG Harry Potter fan. She's read all the books numerous times-like over 10 times!!!! I started out reading the first three books to my daughter and son. And, then they grew up and are now college aged. When I was down after my feet surgery my daughter talked me into starting to read them again. I have only read the first three and it's been a few years. So, I have read the first book and will try and continue reading them all inbetween other books. While reading the first book I got the bright idea of making a Harry Potter card. And, here it is:

                        Inside the card it says, "Let the Magic Begin". A perfect saying for a Harry Potter card.
Have a magical day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paula,

It's a great card ! The broom embellishment is cool ! All the facets of the card work so well together ! And there are so many Harry Potter fans in the world ! I've read all the books, but only once, when they came out....
take care


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!! :) Amanda